Auto Repair and Tire Service in Logan, WV

about us

In the Beginning

Electric Motor Service was established as a West Virginia business in 1974 by Gary and Diana Thompson. The Thompsons were already established with a successful service station, and Gary decided to begin rebuilding units in the back room of his business. The idea came about due to the lack of a good supply source for his own shop bays and the realization that it was a service that was in great demand by the local mining and timber industry.

EMS Evolves

Once the potential of the rebuilding business had outgrown the small area in which Gary and Diana had operated, they moved into a small garage near Pecks Mill, WV, and began their rebuilding business full time. The two of them spent hours at the little shop, with Diana doing the paperwork and Gary soliciting and rebuilding. The business began to flourish and their dream was well on its way to becoming reality.

By 1987, the business had outgrown the small garage that had been home to Electric Motor Service and they moved to EMS's current facility in Logan, WV. It was a move thought to be the last they would have to make, but their oldest son, Chris, had a different direction that he wanted to take the business. He saw an EMS that was not only a large electrical rebuilder but one that would supply rebuilding components to other rebuilders all over the region.

Our Newest Facility - EMS Tire Pros

EMS supplied units and parts to a select group of rebuilders for several years, and in 1999 took on the task of supplying a full line of parts and units to rebuilders in the Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia markets. It was a painstaking task that has Electric Motor Service poised as one of the most recognized names in the rebuilding industry for parts, units and their efforts to go the extra step to ensure that their customers are taken care of in a manner that befits the company's long-standing reputation for service.

In 2011, EMS expanded its horizons even further, completing a massive expansion to become a state-of-the-art full-service auto repair facility. With the latest in service equipment and technology, EMS Tire Pros can perform a full range of repairs, including 3D alignments, body lifts, tune ups, suspension lifts, alternators, coolant flushes, accessories, starters, generators, transmission fluid exchanges, and more. EMS Tire Pros also offers all brands of tires at the lowest prices, with a huge selection of tires and wheels in stock.